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Exotic wood

It could be said, that the exotic wood has entered into the Czech market only since 1989.
Till that time were mostly used in our country the European hard woods, like the oak and beech wood.

We´re the company, that deals with the direct import and the sales of various kinds of tropical and exotic hard woods from the West Africa.

In that region we cooperate with reliable partners and via them we can supply our customers with a highly varied range of hard tropical woods. Tropical woods could be delivered  in various types of forms, for example roughly cut planks, squared timber, furniture prism, outside flooring, boards for decking, terraces and for outside buildings, furthermore large Interior floors and the wall s facing.

We´re indeed able to offer a wide range of wooden products made out of exotic wood, like large wooden terraces. From floors, terraced boards for terraces and floors, facade profiles and floorboards which can be rough cut tropical timber as semi-finished products plus many  another furniture products.

Some kinds of tropical woods are suitable  for outdoor utilization, for example terraces, pergolas, wooden pavings, swimingpools facing etc. Another kind of exotic woods are available  for the indoor utilization, like the large wooden floors, exotic furniture, wall facing and wooden parquets too. There are lots of names of exotic woods, like the Okan, Adadua, Bubinga, Afzelia, Doussie, Tali, Mahagon, Pine, Wenge, Iroko, Okoume, Sapele, Padouk, Azobe, Bubinga & Sapeli etc, they are gradually penetrating into the subconscious of people. Definitely, there is a tremendous participation of furniture-making and the floors-making industry, like the production of luxury wooden veneeres, laminated and veneered floors.

Architects and housing designers have in favour the utilization of exotic woods in their design works. Those ones beautifully make the interiors and exteriors of the flats and houses complete, They bestow on them the touch of hte exotic look, they have an original look, they give warm and a calming impression, both in the form of interior floors and housing complements, staircases, the walled facings, outside terraces as well, etc.

Some of the very hard and resistant kinds of exotic woods are suitable for the commercial utilization in very frequented areas. You can imagine beautifull wooden floors made out of the wood-plant Wenge in some stylish cofee house.

There are very important  factors, those are in charge of the tropical wood utilization, like the dimensional stability and the elasticity of the wood, thanks to this abilitie exotic wood isn´t predisposed to shriveling or swelling up, and doesn´t react to temperature changings in these areas, where it is installed. Some kinds of exotic wood is possible to use in connection with the flooring  heating.

The trends in iterior design talking about the exotic wood ussage for the floors, like the massive wooden parquet blocks or the flooring boards, laied down in all your flat. Because of  the amazing abilities of exotic woods, it´s possible to lay them down all over in your flat or house, in the form of  the floor layer. The kitchens and the bathrooms are not excluded.

On the market are established some specific producers of the lacquers and the oils, those are specified just for highly frequent and burdened floors. Those products are able to prevent outside wear and tear and even stop humidity Penetrating  into the wood. You´re going to put the value on those  protective products,  mainly in the kitchens and in the bathrooms.

The origin of exotic wood

The exotic wood has been loged in West Africa for many years. Nowadays loging of exotic wood is regulated  by the local goverments in African countries.

The West Africa region is very rich in all kinds of  mineral resources and exotic wood isn´t excluded. In the local tropical forests are groving up plentifull  kinds of tropical woods in amazing variety of shades, from very pale too the very dark. Local exotic woods have a much more atractive  look, thanks to their unussual patterns, those are created by annual growth rings.  The local exotic woods are also much more resistant to humidity, are more flexible,  don´t shriveling up and are resistant to wood-destroying insect.

Wooden outside terrace made out of exotic wood

The wood is in general very pleasant and a favoured material in the garden architecture. In contrast to stone it gives a warm impression  and together with the green lawn creates a pleasant atmosphere to the garden.

The scale ot the wood-plants / dedicated to outside ussage /  has enlarged in the recent years. These wood-plants are originated from the tropical areas of Africa, south-east Asia or South America. Into this group belongs comonly known teak wood and another , for example  BANGKIRAI, MASSARANDUBA, IPE, CUMARU, TATAJUBA, MERBAU, AZOBE, IROKO, WENGE, BUBINGA, SAPELE. Thanks to its origin is tropical wood characterizied by specific atributes  – like the high resistance to weather conditions  (it isn´t necessary to  do the impregnation ), high hardness and longer durability.