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We´re supplier of the first-rate exotic wood and timber. We import exotic wood as squared timber, planks and boards.

The advantages of exotic wood

Exotic woods are highly valued for its great mechanical properties, high durability, resistance against the wood-destroying insect and the dry rot, also for its original texture and colourfulness.

You´re going to be convinced, that the exotic wood doesn´t have to be an expensive luxury.

Exotic wood

It could be said, that the exotic wood has entered into the Czech market only since 1989. Till that time were mostly used in our country the European hard woods, like the oak and beech wood.

We´re the company, that deals with the direct import and the sales of various kinds of tropical and exotic hard woods from the West Africa.

In that region we cooperate with reliable partners and via them we can supply our customers with a highly varied range of hard tropical woods. Tropical woods could be delivered in various types of forms, for example roughly cut planks, squared timber, furniture prism, outside flooring, boards for decking, terraces and for outside buildings, furthermore large Interior floors and the wall s facing.

We´re indeed able to offer a wide range of wooden products made out of exotic wood, like large wooden terraces. From floors, terraced boards for terraces and floors, facade profiles and floorboards which can be rough cut tropical timber as semi-finished products plus many another furniture products.

The utilization of exotic wood

  • Facade facing and floorboards
  • Large wooden terraces and footways
  • Wooden construction supports
  • Large interior floor - flooring
  • Outside wooden terraces & decking
  • Fencing, railing, terraces, small bridges, sunlight protectors etc.
  • Garden furniture, tables, chairs and petite architecture
  • Pergolas and tiny garden buildings
  • Swiming pools facing
  • Exclusive doors and window furniture
  • Steps, handrail and the step handles
  • Parquet blocks and wooden paving